::::11.16.18 The Deli SF reviews Papersoul II EP:::::

“Getaway Dogs’ New EP Brings Beachy Psych Rock Without the Stoned Out Zone Out” 

::::10.26.18 Papersoul II EP out now:::::

:::::Moe’s Alley, santa cruz 10.24.18 w/ Gabriella Cohen & The Joe Kaplow::::

Get Away Dogs Gigi Poster 3

:::::F A L L  T O U R:::::


::::10.8.18 check out The Wild Honey Pie’s review of ‘Papersoul II’:::::

 “An expansive track surrounded on either sonic end by a twitchy bassline and echoing guitar twinkles, “Papersoul II” allows the drumbeat to steer the song, ranging in volatility, discover the symmetry in its hidden patterns..”

::::just announced Papersoul II EP coming October 8, 2018::::

Paint Bucket

:::::Amnesia, sf 5.17.18 w/ Sky Country::::IMG_0502

::::DIO fest 2018!!!!::::