p r e s s


“Getaway Dogs inhabit their own starry eyed universe, drifting along to the tropical pulsation of big bossa-nova guitars, shimmering intergalactic keyboards, somnambulant vocals, whispered percussion and buoyant melodies… With a small coterie of like-minded souls, Killion made a record full of dreamy, late-night psychedelia that spins a calm, soothing spell. True to its title, the music ebbs and flows, with Killion’s guitar filigrees floating through whirlpools of ambient sound to support his gently surrealistic lyrics and Stone’s sublime harmonies. ” (Magnet Magazine)

“I hit play and am gently transported to the warmth of the coast and swathed in a carefree vibe. Inspired by the western coast and his Brazilian roots, Kai Killion (the band’s songwriter) aims for genre fusion that results in something that feels both light and soulful, relaxed but able. Poised to dive back into post-summer reality, this is exactly the type of song I’ve been turning up and tuning out to.” (The Wild Honey Pie)

“Having lived in Eritea and Brazil before settling in California’s Bay Area, it’s perhaps no surprise that his music is a fusion of different rhythms, which marries mellow West Coast grooves with dexterous Latin vibes. Lyrically it’s a searching record, with Killion and his band looking for answers in the mystic. Getaway Dogs create an indie-Tropicalismo fusion that will satisfy fans of both genres. If laid-back ambition is a thing, Kai Killion and his talented allies seem to have it in spades.” (Songwriting Magazine)

“Combining intricate finger-picking progressions and percussive guitar sounds over a mid-tempo solid beat, the 14 tracks on Lost In The Ebb come together to form a world influenced album. Killion’s childhood was split between Santa Cruz, Point Reyes, and Brazil, where he first and fully immersed himself into the musical history of his culture and the epic grandeur of the natural world firmly impressed onto his perspective.”    (The Bay Bridged)

“…underneath the warm sound lies an intensity that will keep you around far longer than your average summer anthem. Usually, an album like Lost in the Ebb, which is characterized by its laid back nature, would remain rhythmically and harmonically in a comfortable groove, but this record is one that is not afraid to gracefully knock you around. Getaway Dogs are not afraid to throw a quick series of chord changes to keep you on your toes. An offbeat accent is liable to shift the focus of your gentle head bobbing every now and then. I feel that this record is one that has plenty for the audiophile who is looking for a smooth ride and one who delights in complexities of a mobile backbone to a song.”
(The Indie Blender)